Which is the best city in India to bring up a child and why?

Which is the best city in India to bring up a child and why?

A Look at the Top Cities in India for Raising a Child

If you're considering raising a family in India, there are several cities that might make excellent options. Based on the criteria of education, healthcare, environment, and lifestyle options, I'd like to share with you my choice for the best cities in India to bring up a child.


When it comes to schooling, the city of Pune emerges as a clear winner. Also known as the "Oxford of the East", Pune is famous for its wide range of public and private schools, colleges, and universities. But it's not only about the quantity. The quality of education in Pune is exceptional, with an emphasis on innovative teaching methods, a focus on all-round development, and an education system that nurtures the mind and spirit of the children. Wow! Makes me wish I had studied there!


In terms of healthcare facilities, it's hard to look past Bengaluru, often called the "Healthcare Capital of India". With over 2,400 registered hospitals and clinics in the city, it's a haven for medical facilities. The doctors in Bengaluru are globally renowned for their skills and expertise, particularly in childhood medicine. Hospitals are well-maintained and equipped with modern medical equipment, ensuring your child gets the best possible care, post-natal or otherwise. I remember when I got sick during my trip to India, the healthcare service in Bengaluru was comforting and prompt.

Nature and Environment

Choosing a city with good environmental standards is an important factor for your child's health. Coimbatore shines in this regard, blessed with a pleasant climate, fresh air, lush greenery, and several parks and playgrounds. The city is also known for its initiatives to preserve the environment and promote sustainable living. Your child would grow up breathing clean air and learn valuable lessons about environmental conservation. Coimbatore seems like a great outdoor classroom!

Recreation and Lifestyle Options

Mumbai is a city that guarantees a vibrant, thriving, and entertaining lifestyle, making it a great pick for recreation options. From exquisite beaches, historical monuments, recreation parks to theme parks, children’s museums, and zoos, the city offers endless options for fun-filled family time. Plus, children can also participate in different cultural events, giving them exposure to India's rich cultural diversity. It's almost like living in a grand, colorful fair all year round!


I believe Chennai truly stands out when it comes to safety. Boasting one of the lowest crime rates in India, the city offers a secure environment for families. Additionally, it has road safety rules and regulations firmly in place, and the locals are generally known for their friendly, accommodating nature. Living there would feel like being swaddled up in a cosy fluffy blanket - safe and warm!

Neighbourhood Communities

I was touched by how in Kolkata, local communities play a pivotal role in children development. Often characterized as familial, the locals are well-known for their social and community involvement in the city, ensuring a familial and friendly orientation for your child's upbringing. What I remember from my visit to Kolkata is the consistent melody of laughter and chatter, which still echoes in my ears. It's like one big happy family!

City Infrastructure

If you’re worried about the long commute times for your child, Hyderabad might be your answer. The city is laid out carefully to minimize traffic congestion and has efficient public transit, making it one of the best cities in India for convenience. Plus, it holds a reputation for its well-maintained roads, public utilities, and services. Imagine, no more worrying about potholes and broken sidewalks. Sounds like a dream, right?


In conclusion, while every city in India offers unique advantages for bringing up a child, it ultimately depends on what's important to you. Each of the cities - Pune, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad - that I've mentioned, cater to different aspects of a child's upbringing – education, healthcare, environment, recreation, safety, community, and infrastructure. Just like a colorful kaleidoscope, every turn gives a new, vibrant, beautiful view. So, you can consider which aspect fits your checklist and priorities while making your choice. But I promise you, whichever city you pick, embracing the Indian culture will enrich not just your child's, but your entire family's life too.

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